Detailed metrics, monitoring, and data collection are vital to successful campaign targeting and business intelligence. With TechPay you can view data from every scan in our user-friendly charting dashboard or download the raw data files. This gives you valuable data on how your audience is engaging.

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Powerful Analytics

  • Shopping cart sales in real time.
  • Banner advertising-Self serve to display on TechPay APP - shows impressions, clicks gender, all data.
  • No new hardware is needed just your scanner or scanner in self checkout.
  • Any mobile device can be used.

Your payments are encrypted and secured through your Login. As there is no longer need for any bank- or credit card details, you do not have to worry about card scams or fraud.

TechPay supports most major smartphones running iOS (Apple) and Android, standard phone-to-point-of-sale interfaces (like GSI and standard barcodes, QR codes and 18092 NFC), and point-of-sale and processor interfaces based on web services and ISO-8583, which means the technology works right now, but won't be obsolete tomorrow. Your customers enjoy TechPay as it reduces check-out times, as well as the convenience of leaving your wallet at home. TechPay enables you to facilitate direct communication with your customers through their mobile devices, with integrated offers, ecoupons, rebates, promotions, and loyalty programs.

Your customers can use their camera-enabled smartphones right now and you can accept payments now using Our Scanner and QR codes and App

That means you can help your customers use your mobile wallet before the other guys do - Be the first!!

Targeted Offers, Ecoupons and Scanned Coupons, push notifications about daily specials= Expanded Revenue


Every transaction uses multi-factor authentication, and leverages TechPay's cloud-based hosted in a PCI Level 1, SAS70-compliant data center.

TechPay works right now - with today's smartphones.

No wait time Time to Market and no cost for Deployment

TechPay's iPhone and Android App are READY TO USE! nothing to embed, or outsource to make it work.

We do a small integration

Your customers can download a free app and start shopping from check-in through checkout Right away! Your customers can use a conventional checkout and have cashier scan items and use the "Pay Now" on TechPay APP Your customers can also scan, pay and go for a limited an=mount of items decided by the merchant.

TechPay delivers a number of benefits to retailers that no other mobile payment solution can, including:

Ready Payment System with no development needed and Managed app.

TechPay enables you to use our payment system.

Banner Advertising-Self Serve

Chose the amount of impressions, cost and upload your banner all in a self serve ad campaign section, To run on the TechPay APP


Shopping cart sales data in real time


  • Realtime scan data
  • Real Performance Metrics
  • What was scanned, what was bought, what was scanned and not bought.
  • When you create and manage your codes through TechPay Admin, you'll know exactly how your codes perform.
  • Number of scans
  • Number of unique users
  • Time & date
  • Location of scans
  • Type of phone, Device
  • Representative demographics
  • Your data is updated constantly and always available to you whenever you want it.

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