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TechPay Mobile Payment Systems TM has invented SwiftPay TM. The first system is made for grocery stores and supermarkets. It benefits both the consumer and merchant. This is not just a "Wallet" but a complete system. It allows consumers to make a shopping list, scan manufacture coupons from newspaper, enter or scan loyalty cards. Then once at the grocery store you will be logged in with their loyalty card to show real time discounts. They have three different ways to shop with their mobile device.

  1. They scan items and create a QR code with their payment information that was entered on the website or APP. Then they checkout using a pin and basket is saved and email receipt sent.
  2. The cashier scans item and they use "pay now" button on app that they chose payment option.
  3. Scan, Pay and Go. They donlt have to see a cashier at all. Merchant can see sales, scan data and run banner campaign from their portal.

Login to our secure website and add your credit card information, Loyalty card, or checking account. Download app the APP Then go shop and pay!


Financial transactions are now available at your fingertips through your mobile device. With TechPay there is no longer a need to carry a wallet. There is no more need to spend that time sorting out the various receipts in your wallet. Your transactions are digitally stored in your mobile application, allowing you the possibility to pursue and organize your purchases on your mobile phone or your computer. An environmentally smart and convenient service cannot be wrong!


Your in-store experience is now much easier and engaging, providing you more time and energy to enjoy your shopping. TechPay is a system that enables a quick and seamless checkout, as well as offering a more efficient way to keep track of rebates, offers, and loyalty programs directly in your mobile phone.


Your payments are encrypted and secured through your Login credentials. As there is no longer need for any bank- or credit card details, you do not have to worry about card scams or fraud.