TechPay Leaders

Ross Markbreiter

Founder, Inventor, CEO

TechPay Mobile Payment Systems

Ross Markbreiter is an entrepreneur with executive experience in all facets, as CEO/CTO. He has been consistently ahead of the curve in anticipating future technology and its impact on U.S. Business. Ross was a pioneer in internet technology and eCommerce; he founded and built The World Wide Web Store -one of the first full service companies to, setup email, design, build and host websites in the mid 1990s when the internet was still in its infancy.

Mr Markbreiter innovated the online "shopping cart" and integrated online payment processing and merchant accounts for his clients before it became the norm in eCommerce as it is today.

As an IT Director and Executive, Ross grew a now well known start up company from $100,000 (in annual sales) to more than $200 million in annual sales.

Ross has provided full service turn key IT solutions, including: Virtual Gateway security; business systems solutions (he was one of the first to facilitate client merchant accounts for online businesses); apps for iPhones (and all other mobile devices); Domain Name Registration; and, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Custom database solutions for the web.

As a visionary, Ross conceived of the idea to build a new revolutionary Mobile Payment System "TechPay" that will transform payment processing for retail businesses and Mcommerce for consumers. His broad industry experience and technical knowledge have enabled him to develop a unique, proprietary "SwiftPay TM" the first technology from TechPay Mobile Payment Systems that is the most likely system of its kind to be integrated in real world applications. In other words, his system is technically and financially viable, intuitive (user friendly), and completely compatible with current retail payment transaction TechPay will change the way the world will shop and pay!

Nancy Kelly

Senior Executive Member

Card Processing

Senior Executive Member comes to TechPay LLC with nearly 20 years of experience in the payment processing industry. During her tenure as senior manager, she grew her regional office's annual business volume more than twenty fold with a team of experienced individuals on her team. Nancy credits her success to stellar customer service, strong networking - both inside and outside the industry- and the ability to adjust to all of the Processing Industry changes: from POS based transactions and later, debit cards to eCommerce , Mcommerce and global online business.

A California native, Ms Kelly has a wealth of colleagues, contacts and strategic partners. She has worked closely with Ross Markbreiter in the industry for at least 15 years, while he was President of The World Wide Web Store and now the founder and Chief Executive Member of "TechPay".