No credit cards? No wallet? No Problem.

No credit cards? No wallet? No Problem.

We are not just a wallet but an entire system that works with any retailer and Free App to the consumer. QR code based and M-Pos Mobile Pos System on your phone. Integrates with the retailer. NEWS TECHPAY LOOKING AT BITCOIN AS PAYMENT OPTION

Make Payments directly using your smartphone or mobile device

It's no secret that people commonly use smartphones while in-store, however a new report has revealed the extent to which mobile devices influence the purchase journey for grocery shoppers.

A survey of 1,400 people who were logged into Wi-Fi hotspots found that 83% of respondents use a smartphone or tablet to prepare their shopping list, while 59% use a mobile device to search for recipes.

Almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents then use their smartphone while in-store to help them shop.

The data is obviously skewed to only include people using some sort of mobile device, however it is a useful indicator of how connected consumers buy groceries.

The report from JiWire also asked respondents what information would most likely influence their purchase decision while in-store.

It's a good idea to be cautious about these types of questions as it's difficult for consumers to accurately predict their future behaviour, but even so it's no surprise to see that coupons and offers achieved the highest score.

Almost a third of respondents (28%) said that receiving a coupon while in-store would impact their shopping behaviour, followed by a sale item notification (20%), seeing an ad (15%) and searching for recipes (12%).